Monday, January 23, 2012

Exciting News!

I have been slightly absent from my blog for a couple weeks now. I haven't gotten much scrapping done either, but I have been productive! Besides organizing the awesome Let's Scrap Leap Around the world blog hop, I am so much closer to opening my scrapbooking/papercrafting store!!! It has been a long road and a lot of planning, but finally everything is coming together! It is a mix between terror and sheer excitement!

I do have a Facebook page set up for it. I would love to hear from all my blogger friends! Even "like" it while you are there ;) Even if you are not in my local area, I would love to hear what things you like to see at your local store!
Butterfly Papercrafts
The picture is a mini oil painting that my wonderful and super talented BFF Susie did for me! Keep a look out, because once the physical store is open, I will be doing online orders!
~ Mindi


  1. wow - that is very exciting! good for you for pursuing something you want! going to go check out your facebook page.

  2. How exciting is this? You must be thrilled! You will do amazing at owning your own store. My sister and I drive to Vegas and back..and believe me I will be stopping by on our next trip!

    1. That would be so cool! I will keep you posted on when Grand Opening will be! Would love to meet you in person!

  3. Oh well that is so AWESOME!! Congratulations!! I look forward to hearing more about it!



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