Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TOP 10

So, the page I posted yesterday made the top 10 at DCWV! Very exciting to be chosen, everyone does such beautiful work. It is very humbling and I am honored!

Check out the DCWV blog here dcwvinc

Off to clean the kitchen, oh the life of a queen LOL

This week's sketch at Let's Scrap

C'mon over to Let's Scrap and join in on the fun of this weeks sketch!

Birthday dinner last night was wonderful! You know it was good, when you are angry about how full you are! LOL  Thanks to Brian and Susie for a wonderful birthday! and my honey of course!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DCWV November Stack-a-holic Challenge

Good morning all!! Today is my birthday, but by now, just another day. My awesome hubby called it in to the radio and said it wasn't really my birthday, but the 10th anniversary of my 29th birthday LOL

So anyhow, here is my page
I tried taking a pic last night, but it turned out very yellow instead of black and white. Obviously it is another page for my wedding album. My father passed away 16 years ago and my mother has been in a nursing home for over 5 years now. She is no longer able to travel, so my Aunt Gloria stood in for her. She would be my mom's sister. Gloria has been a rock for me, and I have called her every time I have had a "Mom" emergency. She always listens to me, lets me cry on her shoulder and shares in my joys. I do love her dearly. <3

The veil netting may seem out of place, since I don't have a veil. I originally thought I wanted one, and Susie and I tinkered with it over and over until it was so small that it didn't even look like a veil anymore. Then I came to the realization maybe I didn't want a veil. So we moved on to the feather headpiece that you see Gloria putting on for me. The brooch was my mother's for my "old" item and the blue feather is my "something blue". 
Hope everyone has a great day!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My stamp storage

I am not completely done with my room re-arranging, nor will I ever be, but here is how I have my stamps right now

Of course, I have a few more inks now ;) I stamp each of my stamps as I get them onto a piece of white cardstock and put them into my binder by category. holidays/seasons, hearts, sayings, etc. I them write the company name and cd case number next to it. Makes for super easy access. I got to my binder, look for stars, I can see the image of each one, pick one, find the cd case and start stamping!
I know that this is not a new idea of storage by any means, but this is my little version! Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great night!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My little project

So, instead of working on the cards I am supposed to be, I was making a ribbon holder yesterday and this morning.
I have came to the conclusion that I am not a millionaire, nor is my husband LOL.  So I decided instead of ordering 3 of the Cropper Hopper ribbon holders that I wanted, I would make one. I used some cardboard boxes, packing taper, a sacrificed skirt that I purchased at a thrift store and lots of tacky glue. It is about 30 inches long and holds lots of ribbon spools. I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and for only the $1.25 for the skirt. I am also making some other smaller boxes with other random black and white fabric, and I will post pics when I get them all finished. You really don't have to spend a lot of money to get creative, cute and functional storage, but having a lot of free time on your hands is helpful. :)

My fellow DT's at Let's Scrap

I haven't had much time to be on the computer with Thanksgiving and my little projects I am working on, so I didn't get this posted the other day. I am pleased as punch with all the wonderful and talented ladies I will be on the design team at Let's Scrap with. They are listed below, just click on each name to go to their blogs. I think you will be truly inspired by all of their work!

Teresa (as far as I know, Teresa doesn't have a blog.....yet lol)

So, I hope you enjoy their work, and maybe even follow them :)
~ Mindi

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Great News! I was chosen as a DT at Let's Scrap!

I am delighted to announce that I am one of the new DT's at Let's Scrap !! My term begins December 1 and I can wait to start! I am excited and nervous to take on the challenges and rewards that will come with the position! If you haven't, you should really check it out, such a wonderful group of folks and super friendly. I never used sketches for my pages before, and I have found that I get a lot more done now that I have.

I hope everyone that celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving! We certainly did! Brian, Susie and the kids came over for dinner. We had way too much to eat, which in itself is something to be thankful for. Great company and a great time. Susie helped with dishes and Brian and Mike went hunting, to no avail. It was just really a wonderful day and I feel very blessed.

I had the craft bazaar I was preparing for last Saturday. This was my table (the laundry baskets and hats belong to the lady that was behind me).

I enjoyed myself, but was not very successful. I don't know that it ever got above zero outside with the wind chill and it was the day of our in-state football rivalry game "Cat/Griz". It was my first time selling, so the fact that I sold anything was a thrill. I am going to try again next weekend and I am hoping that there will be more advertising and that the weather will co-operate. I might as well since I have a file box full of cards still! LOL

It has been a long day of cooking and chatting and eating and I am ready for bed! Have a great night all!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's Scrap Design Team Call

It is that time again. Let's Scrap is looking for design team for the December to March 4 month term. They will be accepting applications until November 15, there is still time!!! I have already sent in my app, and *patiently* await the results, to be announce November 20! Below is the sketch you would need to use for inspiration. The link below it will take you to Let's Scrap and you can get full details.
Good luck and happy scrapping!

Let's Scrap


Gearin' up for the Christmas Bazaar

I have been a busy, busy girl lately. I wish it were scrapping, but it has been making Christmas cards and goodies to sell at a local bazaar November 19. Here is a few of the cards I have made. I tried to get the first picture to flip to no avail, and to be honest, I am just to tired to care anymore LOL

I was scouring the internet this morning for gift card holders and came across this blog post and had to try making these adorable buggers!! These are what I came up with so far, but I am going to do some Christmas ones also.

I also have some fantastic news, but I am going to hold off on that a bit until everything is mailed, received, etc. I will keep you guessing for a little bit :) 

I am gonna watch some X-Files on Netflix with my honey and cuddle in for the night. 
Have a great evening!


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