Pages for other people's albums

No time now to label, I will do it later :)

These are all pages that will someday be in an album as a gift.

These pages will be for my brother Matt's album.
This is an older LO. They are huge Nascar fans! original LO
This is a challenge from Let's Scrap  that involved time, with one of their sketches.
My brother is a proud member of IBEW, as was our father. Let's Scrap sketch.

This one is also posted on my page, but I figured I would include it with his album pics. Let's Scrap sketch

These will be for my son Cliff someday.

It is amazing, almost 16 years later, Pooh is still around. Let's Scrap sketch

As a proud Mama, I can say with no doubt Cliff is an awesome soccer player.Let's Scrap sketch


Made by Lena