Honeymoon Album

So I have gotten a slow start on the honeymoon album. Oh well, guess the pictures arent goin anywhere :)

Here's what I have so far
I found the coolest raised letter for the "Tombstone"! I think they have an awesome old west feel to them. Good thing I am such a photo freak, I took pics all the way from Tucson, where we flew in, to Tombstone. I think it makes a great 1st page for the album. original LO

This is the B&B where we stayed, The Tombstone Bordello. The original part of the building was moved, but it was orginally Big Nose Kates house of ill repute. lol This is a sketch from Let's Scrap http://letsscrap.ning.com/
One of the first things we did in Tombstone was going to Helldardo Town. This was taken right before their re-enactment show. The Sarsparilla Emporium was right down the street. Also a Let's Scrap sketch and I do believe I did this for a NSD challenge.
This is one of my FAVE lo's. If I don't say so myself, using popsicle sticks to look like a wood fence and then wood burning them was genius!! Let's Scrap sketch
 This is the world's largest rose tree. We were there early spring, so we didn't get to see it in full bloom, but spectacular none the less. I did this page 9/2011


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