Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Out with the old...

So, here is my story of the stove and the rhubarb crumble. Saturday morning I was going to bake a crumble to take to Mike's company picnic. He took a  picture of our toter and I used my SCAL and Cricut to cut a logo out of paper. Then I used some cinnamon to make the logo. This is what it looked like before I put it into the oven.
and this is what it looked like after baking only 7 minutes of the 25 it is supposed to cook
Sooooo........ I was so upset that I had put so much work into this stupid thing and it burnt!!! So we turned the oven off and Mike went and got me some more rhubarb. I got it all made and waited to turn the oven on until I was ready to put it in, since it was already pre-heated. So round 2, was in the oven less than 1 minute and this is what happened
So then I was pissed! Out of time and completely out of patience!! So I turned the oven off and went to get ready. Mike went to check it out and the oven was still super hot. Even tho I had turned everything off, the broiler was still on going full blast. Of course, I wasn't even using the broiler, so that's really wierd!! He was gonna pull the stove out and unplug it but it was way too hot. He had to take the drawer out and unplug it. We waited until it had cooled down before we left the house.
When we got home, he plugged it back in, hoping we could at least use the burners until we could get a new oven. Not the case. As soon as he plugged it back in that dang broiler came right back on at full blast. So, stove is dead!!! Brian and Susie came over, along with some of Mike's co-workers, and we played horseshoes and had a great time. We figure we would get online Sunday and order a new one.
Sunday we got up and started shopping.Found exactly what we wanted and it had free shipping. Went to order it, and they wouldn't deliver to here. Downfalls of living in the boonies I guess. So I called Susie because she has a pick-up and asked if she was up for an adventure. So we drove to Billings, 130 miles one way, to get me a stove. I found the one I wanted at Home Depot and we brought it home. We didn't get home until 11pm and poor Mike had to be to work at 5:30 in the morning!
Not everyone has a garbage man for a hubby, but since I do, I got to enjoy the demise of the old stove. Mike brought the truck by on his way home yesterday.

Ahhhh, when we get rid of something, we do it right!!! So, here is my beautiful new stove! It has 12" or 9" burner and convection oven, WOOT!!!

Ain't she Purdy?? lol So that was my adventure for the weekend. Of course there will be a scrapbook layout of all this coming soon!
I am so gonna try to get some scrapping done today!

p.s. Google Chrome is fantastic for blogger, it uploaded faster and I can actually leave comments without any problems!

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