Friday, July 8, 2011

My "Crack Room"

My DH lovingly calls my craft room, my "crack" room. It just kind of stuck, we think it's funny anyway :)

So, it's not very big, 11ft by 13 I think. That is counting the space all the way into the closet I took the doors out of. I had more room, but now that I have friends coming over to scrap with me, I just recently completely rearranged to make room for another person. I don't mind at all, I love that they come over :)
 So I will start behind the door and move around the room.
This is the small wall behind the door
So, the stand is part of a 3 piece set Mike already had. The shelves on it I got for 50cents, the grey bins with ribbon, etc had 4 braces and 16 little buckets for 2$, the ribbon holder is from Michael's. It was in the "scratch and dent bin" as we call it. It was 15$ but it was returned because the hardware was missing. So I got it for 3$ and Mike put some screws in it for me:) The thing with the ribbons hanging off of it, is this
1$ at a thrift store. I painted it, clipped binder clips to it, and I have the lace, etc on large paper clips are that hanging from the loops of the binder clips.
Then the wall to the right of the door

Representin' the Let's Scrap group 100 Layouts in 2011. Chalkboard 1$ yard sale.
The top hutch is part of the set Mike had, the dresser was my Mom's, all the paper racks 75cents total, Cricut was birthday present in 09, printer Christmas present 2010. The dresser has pictures, office stuff, stash specifically for my wedding album, my scraps and my Cricut mats.
The small shelf with the humble amount of punches 25cents, the drawers with my Zigs and various markers are from WalMart. They were $4 for each set of 3 and I painted them also to match all my shelves.
Then the wall you see when you walk in
My big desk, free from friend, my AWESOME funky green and yellow metal canisters are from a thrift store all you could fit in a box for 5$, so pretty cheap. The shelf on the desk was 50 cents and all the spice jars with the buttons were 50cents for all of them. The buttons are from yard sales, when we cleaned out granny's house and from Susie's farmhouse. The little milk glass jars holding my various Zig glues were either 25cents or from Susie's farm.(I love milkglass!! I have a huge collection!) As I posted earlier, the flowers are all from yard sales or dollar stores and I cut them off of the stems. The glass jars are all from 25cents to 1$ for the bigger one. The chairs (this yellowish one and the one at the other desk) were garbage :) Of course, I have my hot wheels on the wall. I love old wagons!!
On the left, the wooden shelf holding my paints was 1$ for both (there is 2 on top of each other). Below that is shelf for 50cents with my glitter glue. Under the window is my glitter. The shelf was 25cents and I have most of my glitter in old salt shakers from various places. On the other shelves is my crop-o-dile, eyelets, brads, craft wire, etc. On the desk is my "kitty jar" and of course my Let's Scrap sketch for this week :)
This is the closet wall
On the right is my peg board with my decorative scissors (my DH cut and hung it for me) and them some storage. On the right is 2 old cupboards that I stacked, free from Mike's aunt. The wooden bookshelf was from my Mom's house free, canisters free from Susie's farm, and the blue striped boxes I have had forever.
The black metal cabinet was from granny's so free, the Iris containers were a birthday present in 08.
The metal paper rack with my 8 1/2 cardstock was 25cents, the shelf was a set of 3 from Michael's I got with a 40% off coupon, DH drilled holes in the side and I put a dowel on it with keyrings and binder clips to hold my larger acrylic stamps. The rest of my few stamps are in the cd cases (the cd rack was garbage). My few inks I have are in the the set of grey hanging buckets. My FAVORITE part of my room is the paper rack the Mike made for me!! What a Sweet Prince!!

So there ya go, more than ever wanted to know about my room!!!

I am off to scrap!!!!!!


  1. OMG Mindi! NOT small, NOT crappy but it IS Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your room is HUGE, girl! Mine is nowhere near that size!!! You must be a very talented thrift store hunter....I can never find bargains like you have found here, especially the ones for storage! You have given me a great idea for paint storage, too! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Totally amazing Mindi, you have so many great organizational shelves and things. I sure wouldn't call that small by any means. I have a similar cupboard like your hubby made you and I just love it. My hubby didn't make mine, he couldn't nail two boards together. LOL

  4. Fantastic room,lLove it, very organized!!!!

  5. What a wonderful space, and it looks like you got some great bargains too. The title of your post made me LOL too.



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