Friday, July 15, 2011

Button stash/latest page

So, my friend Angie came over this morning to scrap, and we took a break to hit an estate sale that a church was holding for someone. I got a huge box of sewing supplies for 5$! There was aida fabric for cross stitching (which I also do), tons of thread, needles, etc, and at the bottom of the box was a manilla envelope full of buttons!!! I dumped them into the lid of one of my Iris containers.
So, Let's Scrap can throw any button stash challenge they want at me now, I am READY!!! lol

Anywho, I started a page yesterday and made very little progress. I was way A.D.D. or something, I just couldn't quite get it together. I knew I wanted to sew an oven mitt for it, but that is as much as I could figure out. Well, lucky me, the Let's Scrap DT Challenge given today was to sew on your page! WOOT! That worked out just nicely! Here is where the challenge is
I used one of the very first Let's Scrap sketches as my inspiration
And here is my awesome page!!!
Sew, (laughing at myself!) I am so excited about how cute my little oven mitt and apron are!! I am not much of a seamstress, obviously, but they are adorable!!! The buttons are from my newly acquired booty load. I stamped my journal tag and wrote on the inside. I love love love the clip art I found online with the burning oven and the chef! I printed it on cardstock, then fussy cut it. Then, just to be safe that I got the sewing challenge covered, I hand stitched the corners with green and peach and the sides with purple. This is the first page I have been really excited about in awhile! I have a previous blog of the stove saga if you want to get the story behind the page! I do love that I was able to get pictures of Mike crushing the old stove with his garbage truck! Something satisfying about being able to see the destruction in person!

I am gonna drink my wine, watch a movie with my honey and hit the hay! I have tons of buttons to finish sorting tomorrow, and hopefully the scrapbooking muse will still be upon me and I can get another page done!

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