Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally, today is almost over!!!

It has been a long, challenging day today. I am surprised I got my page done! So first off, this is the page I finished today for my brothers album.
This is a sketch from Let's Scrap,
February's sketch for Lets Scrap
 He has a great sense of humor, so I am sure he will appreciate the "Grease 2" throwback. lol In the photo is 3 of my 4 brothers and ironically I called the 4th to find out what type of motorcycle it was. So I Googled the logo and found one! I loaded it into my SCAL and cut it with my Cricut.  I had to cut it twice, once in white vinyl and then in black. I wanted to use vinyl so it would look more like an actual decal. The strips above and below the flames is actually silver chrome, but crappy weather here, therefore crappy picture, sorry about that. The "Cool Rider" title is actually 3 layers, red, blue then chrome, also hard to tell in the picture. I am guessing that the photo was taken in the early 70's but I am not sure since it only had names on the back and no date. So, one more page down for his album, however many more I can get done before our trip to go.

So then, my day. A friend came over for a bit to scrapbook this morning. She couldn't stay long, so it was more of a chit chat, then scrapping. That is ok tho, I needed some adult interaction. Children are such a blessing, but days like today were surely a test. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I still have yard sale pricing to do and really wanted to work on my flower garden some. The bind weed is coming in nicely and I need to get rid of it before it chokes out my hollyhocks!

I am showered and have posted on Let's Scrap and here, so I think I am done for the day!
Good night to all and cheers!

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy day Mindi. I love your layout, the chrome looks fantastic on it and I love how you did you title. Your brother is going to love the album. Hopefully he doesn't read you blog LOL



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