Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes things are put where you can find them....

I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend! I went with my dearest, bestest friend out to her farm. In the exact spot considered to be the middle of nowhere and it was great!!!! It is mostly dirt road, and our backs were relieved that we got to pavement. We were cruisin down the highway at 60/65 mph and as we drove past what I thought was mud in the middle of the road. Susie screams "those were kitties"!! Brian hits the breaks, backs up down the highway and jumped out and grabbed the kitties!!

We backed up into a pull out and went looking thru the ditches for mama or siblings but nothing. All we had in the pick-up was some queso cheese we had been munching on so we let the kitties have some. They were so hungry that the black one was trying to eat the paw of the striped one because it had cheese on it. Poor little ones :( Susie had to pry it's jaw to get it to let go. So we gave the black on the lid and the striped got the jar. They really enjoyed it

Cute cheese faces!! So black kitty is Susie's named "Nacho" and striped is mine named "Queso" lol
So I got baby home and gave her some tuna and some milk and a very needed bath.

She has been a great kitty the last 2 days, slept a lot, which she needed. I think she is pretty happy with her new home.

We love our new little kitty, an angel to say the least. Who know's how many people drove by and missed or how long those poor babies were in the middle of the highway. God's hand protected those kitties until we got there.

Little blessings are everywhere around you, you just have to open your eyes to them.

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  1. Such tiny bits of fluff and love! You just never know when your life will be enriched unexpectedly! Congrats on Queso joining the family!!



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