Monday, June 27, 2011

Something done is better than nothing done

Well, I did get my Let's Scrap sketch done today. Good thing, it is due tonight by midnight! lol I guess I work better under pressure. This is the sketch for this week(well  ending tonight lol)
and this is what I did with it

All of these flowers are from my yard. The peonies are spectacular, especially in real life. They are actually a bright fuscia color, even tho they look red in the pic. The purple flowers on the left are still a mystery, no one can figure out what they are. I won for my LO from the sketch on 6-8-11 and got an awesome prize from Scrappy Doodads. You should check out her Etsy store, some cool embellies and what not. Any who, the butterfly was from my prize pack, total score!!

I did actually get to the little house for a little bit to get a feel for what I had for the yard sale this weekend. Mike helped me out and we got all the stuff out of his shop. Now he has no excuse for cleaning up :) I really don't care, it is his sanctuary, he can have it however he wants it.

I didn't get my newspapers sorted, but they aren't goin anywhere, so whatever. Not gonna stress on it. Lots of stuff to do tomorrow again, staying busy keeps me sane I guess.
It's that time of day, so.....
Until next time, Cheers!

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