Sunday, June 26, 2011

why did I forget....

to tell Mike that the back tire was low? ........Give up? because I wanted to come out of the grocery store to find I had a flat tire! Some nice person, unknown to me, left a note on my driver door window. It said "you have a flat tire :( " I am glad that person was nice enough to do that, because it was the back passenger tire and I wouldn't have seen it otherwise! I would have noticed after driving, but glad it didn't go down that way. I am so glad there are still good people in the world. That kind person took just a few seconds out of their day to write that note, but it saved me possibly driving on my rim and causing damage. So maybe next time you see someone with a flat tire, or needs help holding a door, or whatever the case may be, take that few seconds and help them out. Karma is a crazy cat that follows you around.

So, I did not (big surprise) get very much scrapping done today. Little to none actually. I did get pictures and paper picked out, so I WILL sit down at my desk tomorrow and do something about it! Then I HAVE to get out to the little house out back and get some yard sale items sorted and priced. Mike's aunt was nice enough to give me everything she was going to put in her yard sale, but didn't have one. So, now I am having a yard sale this Saturday. It will be nice to have some extra dough for our trip in August to Washington.

I have been on pins and needles the last week or so. I haven't heard anything about the Let's Scrap design team application yet. I did turn in my LO pretty early, since the deadline isn't until July 15. The good thing is the design team position would be for August thru November. The kids will all be going to school all day this year, so I will have a nice quiet day to be on the computer looking at sketches and hopefully inspiring others in their work. Let's Scrap  a great place to meet new scrappin buddies and meet new people from all over the world.  I actually really like the gals there and consider them friends. It would be such an honor to be a part of the design team there. To be a "leader" of sorts and hopefully someone that people could look to for support and ideas. So, as you can tell, I am pretty excited about this, and you will know as soon as I do!!

With neon green painted fingernails, and sleepy eyes, I will sign off for now.
Have a great night, Cheers!


  1. I recall that same anxiety as I waited for word on a Design Team application recently. I started "second guessing" the layout I submitted, worried that I had provided too much information--or was it not *enough* information, knowing I wouldn't be good enough! As it turned out, everything was just right and I am now on that DT! I wish you all the luck in the world, Mindi--they would be lucky to have you aboard!

  2. good luck Mindi! I love your work and look forward to seeing more of it.



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