Friday, June 17, 2011


So,here it is, my entry for the Design Team at Let's Scrap. It is a sketch they selceted for the appicants to use. I spent a lot time thinking of something spectacular to do. Mike finally just told me to relax, keep it simple and classy, and I couldn't go wrong. Wish me luck!!

I am not sure how many people will get the fact that the wheat on the left side has full heads and the right is harvested, but at least I know.

We are gonna make Father's day cards this afternoon, and hopefully I will get some cleaning and arranging done in my room. If so, I will get some pics posted :)


  1. Woo hoo I'm your first follower. Thanks so much for sending in this wonderful layout for the Design Team Call over at Let's Scrap. I love how you put the actual wheat on the page. Good luck

  2. I am *from* Illinois, one of the great farming states, so, yes, I did notice the harvested wheat! It is details such as this one, perhaps missed by many, that make your work so exciting and a cut above the rest! I think this layout is astonishing and am confident it will be well received by the DT reviewers at Let's Scrap!! Good luck, Mindi!



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