Thursday, June 23, 2011

Painted with Fun

I was just going to put my new scrapbook LO's in their blog pages, but this one is getting posted here! Susie is my dearest, oldest, bestest friend and has been for over 15 years now. Anything we do together we have a blast! We have been thru thick and thin and thick again together and have only became closer with time. Loves ya Susie Q!

Some detail worth noting: I was pretty proud of myself for thinking to put the paintbrush and paint blob next to the title :). The title is stenciled, painted red and then blue with a smaller brush. I dry painted the red background strip with green and blue paints. The bottom trim is a paint chip from a sample book. Susie found it out at the farmhouse. She asked if I could use it for anything. I knew I could if I thought about it long enough!
I have to tell the story of her sitting on her front steps freezing with her feet in a pan of water. Mike and I went to Tombstone AZ for our honeymoon in March. The weather in MT was cold and yuk while we enjoyed the sunshine. Susie sent a picture message of her making a snow angel and said "I bet you can't do this right now" so Mike took a pic of me with my feet in the swimming pool saying "I can't, but you can't do this" lol Leave to Susie, she sent the pic of her on the stairs saying "yes I can!!!" We still laugh about it, I would have never thought of doin that if it was the other way around. She cracks me up!!

Once again, paint chip for the bottom border. I used my cricut to cut "fun" out of some blue glittery cardstock. The green paint chip is "clover leaf" cuz I am so lucky to have such a great friend.

Have a great night all, Cheers!
p.s. I was exhausted last night when I posted this, I forgot to add that this is Let's Scrap sketch from 5-26-10  :)


  1. This layout just screams fun Mindy. I just love how you painted on the card stock and the paint chips are a fantastic idea. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful (and fun) friend.

  2. Just had to pop over from Let's Scrap to check out the detail on this fab layout! You have outdone yourself with fun, I think, in the creation of this masterpiece! This is more like "Good Girls Gone Bad!" TFS



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