Monday, December 5, 2011

8 Years Straight

So, with craft shows over (and being total wash outs!) and my new-to-me corner desk is in my room and everything is tidy for now, I have scrapped! It seems like with everything going on and all the cards I made that I haven't done a layout in forever! So this is what I did with this weeks sketch at Let's Scrap
These pictures were taken at the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona on our honeymoon. This is the card table that is in the basement. It is exactly as it was in the late 1800's when the game stopped. Minus the rude people who have no respect for history and thought it was a good idea to throw coins over the barrier. Sorry, but being someone who enjoys history, I didn't find it in good taste. So, I will now jump off of my soap box and move on. It is said that Doc Holiday and Johnny Ringo both played faro at this table at some point during the game. Of course, not at the same time :) It is said to be the longest running poker game in history, playing continuously for 8 years, 5 months and 3 days non-stop. If someone went broke, or was shot (which happened a few times) a runner would immediately find the next player on the list. I find this absolutely fascinating!
  The center "straight" with the cards is a mini poster I bought at a yard sale for just this page. I started this page in August and could never quite get it how I wanted it. When the sketch for this week came out at Let's Scrap, everything just fell into place. The red stripes are fiber paper that was crumpled and inked with distress ink. The "8 years" was cut with my Cricut. I really liked the way it FINALLY turned out!

Stayed tuned tomorrow, I have a special "secret" project that I am going to do for my honey and I will share with you ;)



  1. Fantastic layout Mindi, I love the mini poster you used for your title and found the history behind the photo's very interesting.

    Wasn't this a two pager when you posted it on Let's Scrap?
    Can't wait to see the secret project you are doing for your sweet hubby.

  2. You are right Betty Anne! I was so tired I didn't even notice that is cut part of it off when I posted it here. LOL



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