Sunday, April 22, 2012

So it begins....

So talk about Friday being a super stellar, totally awesome, fantastic day!!! I got my Scrapbooks Etc in the mail AND the bank gave me my financing for my store.

I have thinking about opening a store for over a year now. Actually planning and scheming for about 5 months. Working on the business plan for 2 months.  The universe has aligned for me, and it is going to happen! It really hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that all the plans, ideas, and work I have put in to my "dream" have actually became my reality.

I will admit, I am scared out of my mind, but at the same time I am so excited to embark on this adventure! Who wouldn't love to open a store that sells products for something they love to do! I think that is one huge advantage I have with this store. The passion I have for scrapbooking is going to shine through in how I run the store and treat my customers. When someone comes in and has a question, I would like to think that I am going to be able help them with anything they ask. Don't get me wrong, I certainly do not profess to be a pro on everything, but I would like to think I know enough :) I hate going to one of the "big" stores and have a question and all I get is "that isn't my department", etc. That drives me insane! Being in such a small community, I want my store to be known for it's friendly and comfortable environment and knowledgeable staff (me) LOL

As promised, I will show some pictures of the progress. It may not look like much now, but it will be awesome! I have a fantastic work crew (Mike) LOL

So, here is what it looked like before, well not all the way before, as some stuff had already been cleaned out before I remembered to take the pictures LOL

If you look at the right of the lean-to, you can see where there used to be a door into the little house that they built over from the inside.

 The "little house" before transformation :)

 Inside the house, from the doorway. The ugly chunk jutting from the wall is being removed today. It used to be a chimmney from what we can guess.

from the doorway looking left. Like I said, there has been A LOT cleaned out already. Being used as a storage unit, this was pretty much wall to ceiling packed full!

 This is from the back looking towards the door (on the far back right)

This is the awesome lighting that is in there right now! Woohoo fancy???

I will have more pics to post soon! We have it more cleaned out, merchandisers that I have started painting and lots of work going on the next two days. My darling Mike took Friday and Monday off to work on construction, so this hopes to be a very productive weekend :)
Here's to scrappy dreams coming true!


  1. It looks like a perfect place for a scrapbook store Mindi. I am so happy that your dream is coming true.

  2. Let's just say I love your Mike...



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