Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A little behind...(picture heavy)

So with all the festivities of the hop, I have failed to post a couple of my latest creations! Shame on me! Doesn't mean I haven't been scrapping LOL I am going to make my descriptions brief, as I am sooo ready to get off the computer for today! No offense blogger friends, I still love you all!!

This LO is from the current main page sketch at Let's Scrap. There will be a new sketch tomorrow. Like I said, a little behind! This is my awesome Dad, RIP, pointing at the car with a huge story behind it. Maybe another day for that one. The smaller picture is the tattoo on my left shoulder. I had one of my Pa's old drivers licenses, so the artist scanned it and I have his writing on me.

This is one of the 3 vineyards we went to a wine tasting at on our honeymoon, Sonoita Vineyard. Beautiful place and they had some great wines. On the left side is a candied hibiscus flower that they put in the sparkling wine and when the glass is empty you eat it! It was cool, so cool that we bought a jar of them and will partake next month for our 1st anniversary.

This is also from the honeymoon. The Butterfield Overland Coach. We took a short ride around Tombstone in it. Mark Twain rode in one of these coaches across the west. He wrote about it in one of his books, but my memory fails me. I do remember that he wrote he was less than comfortable LOL I can understand why! This particular coach is original and pulled by mules! They were sweet girls!

Last day in Arizona, at the Tucson Airport specifically. I am thrilled with the picture of the humming bird I got.

The last of the 3 vineyards we went to. The Village of Elgin Winery. The have wines called "Cheeky Monkey" and "Playful Monkey" LOL I am going to have to admit right now, I had tasted A LOT of wine by time we got to this vineyard. I would not be the right one to give an honest critique of the products that they sell LOL

It has been awhile since I have done a wedding page, I was about due. I tried to match my background to the bottom layer of the cake and then the pearl dots around the border of the white paper to match the middle layer. I promise that all my elements are as square and straight as can be, photography is just not my strong suit!

Well, that was a quick review of what I have been up to! Let's Scrap will be posting a new sketch tomorrow. Since I am on the Design Team, my example is already done BUT no peeking, you can't see it until next time!
Have a great night all!


  1. Beautiful layouts Mindi. I especially love the eyelet/string/button effect you have created on the one with the coach.

  2. Gosh Mindi, these are all so wonderful! I love reading your stories behind the layouts.



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