Thursday, February 7, 2013

Other than scrapbooking, I like to....

So I am wondering, what does everyone like to do other than scrapping and card making? Not exactly a portable hobby, as we all well know! What do you like to do while watching tv or during long car rides?

There are a lot of crafty things I like to do. I crotchet, cross stitch, and play with plastic canvas. What is plastic canvas you ask? This is how I explain it to people who ask me. Remember those yarn covered boxes that Gramma always seemed to have over her tissue box or toilet paper rolls? Yes, that is plastic canvas! A more "official" explanation would be such - it is like cross stitching as it is composed of squares, but it is a stiffer plastic and the holes are further apart. You stitch on it with yarn and can make 3D objects with it like boxes, etc.

So last week I finished a carrier/case for my 48 classic Zig Markers. So, slightly scrapbook related :) This is what it looks like closed

 and then the awesomeness of it open!!! For those of you wondering, yes, I store all of my pens, inks, etc by order of Roy G. Biv ;)

 This is how I get them stinkers to stay in place. The outer cover is completely covered with the chevron yarn stitching and the inside is blank. I used thin elastic and sewed it thru the holes of the canvas to make the pen loops. Then when I stitched the front and back together, I inserted a piece of heavy chipboard between the layers to make it more "book" like. 

Fun, right? I am currently working on a colored pencil case. There are 6 individual boxes that can be removed separately (by color family of course!) and I am making a crayon style box to hold them. I am almost to the construction phase, just a bit more to go.

I work on these in the evening while watching tv or in the mornings while I am watching Heather do her morning broadcast of Coffee, Chat and Kraaft on her YouTube channel

I would love for you to comment on what kinds of projects you work on when you are not playing with paper!
Have a great day all!

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  1. ok, now THIS is inspiring! I love the idea of this...not sure I have the patience though. tee hee I like to draw in my art journal...but is that considered paper play?



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