Monday, January 7, 2013


August? Really? I haven't blogged since August? What a pity! I deserve a blogger flogging! I guess the good news is, I have gotten back to scrapping. Ironically, my last post was the last scrapbook page I did until a few weeks ago. That is a long time without scrapping! I was very busy and I did manage to stay out of trouble, just didn't any layouts done!

As of a few months ago I also became an administrator at Let's Scrap. A challenging position at times, but rewarding all the same.

Onto some scrapping! This layout was started shortly after I posted my last one in August. I did not get finished until the begining of December! I have to give every bit of credit where it is due for this layout. I found the idea on Pintrest and was linked to Virginia's Scrappy Place and her use of a Sketch support sketch. I really loved her layout and searched for the perfect picture to work. This photo is from our engagement photo shoot and I think it worked beautifully for this format.

 This was my first layout using a Let's Scrap sketch since August. This is the 12-5-12 sketch, using just one side. I really wanted to push myself to something new. I always admire the pages like this, with one photo, surrounded by the embellishments with a lot of "white" space. It took every muscle in my body to not put the title in the lower right hand side and spread the arrows out and run more strips, etc! It was worth the mental anguish, as the result pleased me :)

I was without printer when I was working on this layout, so no journaling or title. I guess I could have used my Cricut, but I didn't feel it was absolutely needed. The sketch is 12-12-12 from Let's Scrap. I used some of the fabric that was hanging at the wedding to make the swag on the page. Scrapbooking in its truest form. I do realize that there are 2 photos the same on the left side and that the photo of the disco ball is sideways. C'est la vie I guess. I am not one to re-do pages, so I can laugh at myself in my old age that I was dumb and didn't notice as I was printing the sheet out LOL

This is Let's Scrap sketch 9-28-11 using one side. Not the typical wedding album page, us out having a cigarette, but I love that the photographer captured Mike letting me have his jacket. A great memory for me to cherish. What a gent! 

So, last but totally my fave right now! This is the current sketch at Let's Scrap, 1-2-13. Another example of me not exactly where I am used to being, but enjoying the process. I love the "shabby chic" look, but really struggle to get it on page. This sketch and layout, really got the royal treatment. I kept adding and adding and adding! You just can't have too much bling! I have swirls and sequins and pearls and liquid pearls and even the old keys got blinged! The part of this that is the dearest to me is the "chain" that the keys are hanging from. I used leftover beads from Susie working on my dress to make it :) 

Speaking of my Susie (bestie of 16 years turned sister-in-law), she is expecting her first child! I am so very excited for her and her husband! No due date yet, but she will be finding out more on Wednesday! Wishing her all the love and comfort in the world!

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